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Duffbert's Random Musings is a blog where I talk about whatever happens to be running through my head at any given moment... I'm Thomas Duff, and you can find out more about me here...

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Co-author of the book IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide

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Co-author of the book IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide

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Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and Full Disclosure


This weblog at duffbert.com is the personal website of Thomas "Duffbert" Duff.  Entries to this weblog represent my personal opinion.  The site is not owned, operated, or affiliated with my employer.

Entries are copyright (c) Thomas Duff, as of date of posting. Contents licensed under a Creative Commons License -- some rights reserved.

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion on this site. Comments are owned by the poster. IP addresses are logged and may be disclosed to others.  You should provide your valid e-mail address when leaving comments; this e-mail address will not be sold or provided to spammers.  I reserve the right to remove anonymous postings.  I also reserve the right to remove inflammatory or inappropriate comments.  

Questions may be directed to me at my contact address displayed on every blog page.

Now for disclosures...

I work for a large insurance company, but I probably won't get into health care issues too much on this blog.  If I do, it's my opinion, not the opinion of my employer.  If the two happen to be the same, so be it.

I'm a certified IBM Lotus Notes developer.  You can expect me to be pretty pro-IBM and pro-open source.

I currently am responsible for the monthly LotusUserGroup.org Developer Tips newsletter.  I get paid for that.  To date, I've never been told I can't write about something or give it my own personal view or slant.  I also write occasional articles for other publications in the IBM/Lotus technical area.  In most cases, I get paid for that too.  Webcasts, paid.  Lotusphere speaking, not paid (except for free conference registration).  I write because I love the process, not because I have to pay the bills.  Therefore, you get things I think are of interest to the audience, not things I'm told have to be covered or vendors who have to be pushed.  

I read.  A lot.  I live a block away from a public library.  That's where nearly all my "recreational" reading material comes from.  The books I review on this site are posted here, Twitter, and Amazon.  If you read a review on a tech book, you can nearly always assume I've received this book for free from the publisher, such as O'Reilly, Wiley, Apress, Addison-Wesley, and others.  I'm on their reviewer lists and receive review copies of books that are of interest to me or my blogging audience.  Other than the free book, I don't get paid for these reviews.  I am under no pressure from the publisher to generate positive spin for a book just because they sent it to me.  In fact, they encourage me to be honest.  So, if I post a positive review, it's because I really did like the book.

If you have any other questions about potential conflicts or interests, just ask.    

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Thomas "Duffbert" Duff

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