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Duffbert's Random Musings is a blog where I talk about whatever happens to be running through my head at any given moment... I'm Thomas Duff, and you can find out more about me here...

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About Thomas "Duffbert" Duff...

Ok...  it's about time I did the obligatory "About me" page...  

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I'm Thomas Duff ("Duffbert" to the blogging world).  I'm a Lead Developer for an insurance company
in Portland, Oregon.  My speciality is Notes/Domino development, but I'm always pushing to learn more stuff all the time.  In this field, standing still means falling behind.

I've been married for almost 25 years now and have two boys aged 22 and 20 (gee, I'm getting old!).  Other than the spiders and bugs in the basement, the only other living beings in our house are the two cats Snoogie and Baxter.

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Thomas "Duffbert" Duff

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