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It amazes me that Forbes lets Daniel Lyons get away with this trash under the Forbes banner...

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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs - A Lesson In Badges

Never mind that my opinion of Daniel Lyons can't get any lower than it already is.  And never mind that I never quite saw the appeal of the Fake Steve Jobs blog either.

But this entry crosses *well* over the border of vulgar, crude, and completely unprofessional.  

But what *really* amazes me is that Forbes lets him do this under their banner:

A picture named M2

They actually condone this stuff?

Lyons must have some really nasty dirt on his editor or the CEO of Forbes, because I'd have tossed him *long* before this.


Gravatar Image1 - Lyons has left Forbes, and he's taking FSJ with him.

Where's he gone? Newsweek! He starts August 1st.

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