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I stumbled across the transcript for Unify's financial conference call today...

Category IBM/Lotus Microsoft

Unify is that "wonderful" company that kept advertising in SearchDomino offering to migrate you off of that creaky old Notes infrastructure...  NOT!

Here's the conference call transcript...

And proving that Microsoft can have a million #1 priorities, here's proof that killing off Notes is still one of them:

Don McKernan – Landoak Securities

And then in your prepared comments you said that Microsoft designated this Notes issues as one of their top three priorities or something like that. Can you clarify what you mean by that?

Todd E. Wille

Well, just what it means is that over the last year, and continuing this upcoming fiscal year, they’ve got two, three or four key initiatives that really the whole company focuses on in addition to their normal goal setting. And one of those key initiatives is this whole Lotus Notes initiatives because SharePoint and Exchange and a lot of their products that are all on a collaborative environment, (a) and (b) IBM identified as one of their major competitors, those two reasons have led this to be one of the key initiatives for them as a company last year and this going forward year.

So, obviously, the point to us is that it’s great news for us to have that exposure. And it goes all the way to the top of Microsoft and all the way down, is that this initiative is important and it’s funded and that bodes well for us.

Don McKernan – Landoak Securities

You’re the only answer for them, basically, on the complex end.

Todd E. Wille

That’s correct.

I guess we can assume we're still on Microsoft's radar.  :)


Gravatar Image1 - Great link to Seeking Alpha, thanks so much! I had no idea I could find all the earnings call transcripts online (at least not for free). How many companies do they cover? It looks like a few thousand! Thank you for sharing this!

Gravatar Image2 - You're welcome.

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