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Thanks for the Twitter help with cameras last night, everyone...

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Due to some unexpected generosity, I find myself with an Amazon gift certificate of substantial worth.  (Thanks!)  I've decided that I'm going to use this to help offset the plunge into the world of digital SLR cameras.  I was looking at a package for the Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 18-55mm lens for around $850.  But I was also pointed in the direction of the Nikon D60.  I can get that one with *two* lens (18-55mm and 55-200mm) for less than $800, and that seems to be a far better deal for someone like myself who is looking at entry level options.

I know there are a ton of really good photographers in the Lotus community, and I have no doubt there are strong Canon vs. Nikon vs. Olympus vs. whatever arguements on both sides.  But it sounds as if we're at the point of most of these cameras being very high quality, as well as being very acceptable for a photo noob like me.

I think I'll mull it over while working today, and then pull the trigger tonight.  I know I'll have to get an SD card for it (4 vs 8 gb?), and I'll probably buy a UV filter to protect the lens (those are pretty cheap also).  And with that, I think I'll have enough to launch myself on a hobby that will suck up any discretionary income I might find lying around.  :)


Gravatar Image1 - Follow you on PL, but first time responding. You really can't go wrong with either of these cameras. I personally went with the Nikon D70s a few years ago and am very pleased with it. I went with Nikon mainly because of the lens glass. IMO, they seem to make the better lenses. Good luck with the decision and happy snapping Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Hey Tom,

If you are comparing those two, I would think the Canon is the better choice. For a couple reasons:

1. The Canon has LiveView which means you can use the LCD to compose your shot. You cannot do that with the Nikon.

2. As Dec mentioned above, bracketing is nice. Canon has it, Nikon doesn't.

3. For the Nikon, autofocus only works with their newer lenses designed for DSLR's. This limits your choice a ton. The Canon can work with any lens they have, normal or DSLR.

4. Canon has 12MP to the Nikons 10

5. Very minor but 3.5 shots per second on the Canon vs. 3 on the Nikon.

If you want to drop down to the XTI like Jess suggested, you only lose the LiveView and two megapixels.

I would read both of these reviews at dpreview.com. It's absolutely THE best and most comprehensive reviews on the net.

Nikon: { Link }

Canon: { Link }

Either way they are highly recommended, so you aren't going to go wrong. I've always preferred Canon's myself, but that's just me.

Good Luck, and have fun with either choice!

Take Care,

Gravatar Image3 - If you got the Canon Digital Rebel XTI, which is not *that* old at all, you could probably have enough money left to also purchase the external flash, which you'd have fun with. Emoticon
{ Link }

Gravatar Image4 - I'd second Greyhawk on that - I just bought the 450D and I'm extremely happy with it. Also, the image stablisation (in-lens, rather than in-body) is quite important for me, since I have a pronounced tremor.

BTW, the DP reviews really are quite comprehensive.

Gravatar Image5 - While your making your decision can I suggest you look at some specs and make sure the camera your get can do bracketed shots in raw mode. The reason HDR photography. Look it up and see some of the results, they are amazing and so much easier with a camera that does bracketed shots.

I personally have a Nikon D50, it does a three shot bracket and I'm looking at other cameras so I can get a better bracket range for HDR images.

Hope this helps a little.

Gravatar Image6 - There is a question about the UV filter - digital cameras has UV filter on chip so you need it just for protecting the lenses, but I heard that it is better to protect them just with sun shade as every extra filter would change the picture. I would recommend getting some good polarisation filter instead.
Personally prefer Nikon, but think that both of them are the same quality.

Gravatar Image7 - You are right, there are many excellent photographers in the Lotus Community. I pinged a few before purchasing a Nikon D40 for my wife.

Charles' posting, which helped me a lot:

{ Link }

Gravatar Image8 - I went with Pentax, but then I'm warped Emoticon

I'm very happy with it, but it's definitely the non-conformist choice.

Gravatar Image9 - Hi Duffbert- love my Nikon D50, best gadget ever, no exaggeration. Continuous shutter changes everything.

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