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IBM staff advised to use open software

Category IBM/Lotus

From The Irish Times: IBM staff advised to use open software

IBM has sent a memo advising 20,000 technical staff to move from Microsoft Office to productivity software from its Lotus subsidiary that conforms to open standards.

The memo from IBM's chief information officer, Mark Hennessy, and vice-president Gina Poole was sent to employees yesterday, and although it does not explicitly mention Office, it refers to "a new, more integrated approach to desktop productivity software" that is facilitated by using Lotus Symphony.

Very nice to see the home team pushing for the internal use of the Symphony software.  Bodes well that the .odt format will start becoming a common document extension.


Gravatar Image1 - Just got back my machine from the cloning center (it is good for Windows to get reinstalled once in a while). Surprise surprise... the new IBM Masterimage doesn't contain MS Office anymore.
Given that NMUs* have no desire to install extra stuff the push looks efficient.

Emoticon stw

*NMU = Normal Mortal User

Gravatar Image2 - oooohhhh... That's good to know. :)

Thanks for the additional info!

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