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A Green Door

Category Everything Else

A Green Door

An old city of hills, of stairs,
And on one street, a green door.
On my own, I'd pay it no mind,
too concerned about my destination, my task.

But this time, the green door was the destination.
Not knowing what to expect, I stepped through the entry,
to find myself standing at the base of a winding stairway, looking up,
climbing steps of stone, worn smooth by the travels of many before me.

The journey up takes effort, both physical and emotional.
But at the top of the climb is another door.
One of friendship, of acceptance, of laughter.
Of sharing, of openness.
Of talks, of silence.
A feeling of being home, half a world away.

Tomorrow I'll wake up in another place known as home,
surrounded by the comfortable and familiar.
But things will forever be different.

I've learned that a home is more than a building and possessions.
It's family and friends that accept you for who you are.
Relationships that transcend country and culture.

How many green doors have I ignored in my life?
How many stairways have I passed by,
thinking the climb to be too much of a risk?

One anonymous green door in an old city of many doors,
of many different colors.
But now it's the door in that city that means
more to me than all the others.


Gravatar Image1 - wonderful, just wonderful tom. i felt like i was right there with you, and of course i kinda was, in spirit.

Gravatar Image2 - @6... and that's probably the most introspection you'll ever see from me in prose. :)

Gravatar Image3 - Aye to echo Paul - Tom you will be always welcome Emoticon the world isn't short of conversationalists but it is short of GOOD conversationalists Emoticon

Apropos of nothing your poem reminded me of something i heard once, can't emember who said it but it seems apt given both your door metaphor and your push for a better presentation model Emoticon

Great communicators have an appreciation for positioning. They understand the people they're trying to reach and what they can and can't hear. They send their message in through an open door rather than trying to push it through a wall.


Gravatar Image4 - @1, @3... your hospitality will always be remembered. @2... Thanks, Steve. It was great to finally get a chance to talk with you in greater than 140 character chunks.

@4... This is what happens when I finally get time to relax and decompress and think, Mike. :) See you on Monday.

Gravatar Image5 - That particular Green Door will always be open for you my dear, dear friend. Emoticon

Gravatar Image6 - always welcome
always missed

Get back here as soon as you can my friend. I owe you more then you know. See you soon again
P. and L.

Gravatar Image7 - When Mr. Duff starts to write poetry, I think it means he's been gone too long. So get back here and get to work!

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