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Book Review - Windows Vista Annoyances by David A. Karp

Category Book Review David A. Karp Windows Vista Annoyances

Sometimes, a book in the Annoyances series is one that you can use to fine-tune an application you use often.  And then there's this one...  Windows Vista Annoyances by David A. Karp.  Regardless of whether you hate Vista or think it's the best Windows OS out there, you'll be finding useful and applicable tips on every other page here.  Vista is just tailor-made for a book like this, and Karp takes full advantage of the opportunities.

Get Started with Windows Vista: Editions of Vista; Install Windows Vista; Migration to Windows Vista
Shell Tweaks: Customize Windows Explorer; Working with Files and Folders
The Registry: The Registry Editor; Structure of the Registry; Registry Tasks and Tools; File Type Associations
Working with Media: Playing Video; Handling Online Video; Sound and Music; Photos, Pictures, Images; Media Center Annoyances; CD and DVD Drives
Performance: Trim the Fat; Make Your Hardware Perform; Hard Disk
Troubleshooting: Crashes and Error Messages; Dealing with Drivers and Other Tales of Hardware Troubleshooting; Preventative Maintenance and Data Recovery
Networking and Internet: Build Your Network; Internet Me; Secure Your Networked PC; Web and Email
Users and Security: Manage User Accounts; Permissions and Security; Logon and Profile Options; Share Files and Printers
Scripting and Automation: Windows Script Host; build a VBScript Script; Object References; Wacky Script Ideas; Command Prompt Scripting; Windows PowerShell
BIOS Settings
TCP/IP Ports

When I bought my new laptop , it came loaded with Vista.  Since it was pretty early in the Vista release cycle, I thought it would be good to learn it since adoption would be widespread in a short period of time.  Yeah, right.  Vista turned into one of the most annoying operating experiences of my life.  Slow performance, endless "do  you really want to..." dialog boxes, reboot times that took forever...  While you can't get rid of the overall pain of Vista (unless you "upgrade" to XP or a Mac), you can use Karp's information to lessen the daily headaches.  For instance, he takes  you into the Performance Options settings to help  you figure out what eye candy you can live without so that you actually get work done.  He shows you how to tweak the registry to eliminate the menu opening delay.  He also goes into some depth on how to get Vista set up to greatly reduce the start-up time (and that's a MAJOR accomplishment).  And that's just a fraction of what you'll find here that will find immediate application in your life with Vista.

It's always a good thing to get a decent reference guide to the major software packages in your life.  Vista is no exception.  But there's a few packages where you need someone to tell you how to *live* with the less-than-stellar results on your screen.  Vista's the poster child for that.  Windows Vista Annoyances should be *very* close at hand as you work with the operating system.  Assuming you haven't already switched to something else...

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