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10 Reasons Why Microsoft's Vista Has Missed The Mark

Category Microsoft
From SeekingAlpha: 10 Reasons Why Microsoft's Vista Has Missed The Mark

Yes, Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows Vista will eventually run on most corporate desktops. But early sales in the consumer market have been softer than some analysts expected. For those of us who covered Windows 95's launch more than a decade ago, Windows Vista has been a yawn. These 10 questions—and their answers—reveal why Vista isn't the hit some pundits expected:

This is an interesting article for a couple of reasons.  First, it talks about why Vista isn't making the impact that Microsoft had hoped and promised.  No new revelations there...  But second, it does so in the context of Windows 95, Microsoft's biggest OS splash of a decade back.  When you place the context of the Windows 95 launch against the computing environment back then, it's easy to understand why it was successful.  What people did, where people lived, and what other offerings were available.  The mindset of users and the landscape of the computing world has changed dramatically since then, and unfortunately Vista is still trying to answer and address the Windows 95 world.  

Definitely worth a quick click-and-read...


Gravatar Image1 - I ran the Vista compatibility check program which can be downloaded from Microsoft's site, and it said lots of my computer's devices will not work with Vista.

Today I heard from a colleaque that he had experienced the same, but after downloading new Vista-compliant drivers for his devices, the compatibility check program complained only about a WLAN device, which he then decided to replace with a PCMCIA WLAN card which had Vista-drivers. He installed Vista after that and said it was working fine.

I know this might sound quite obvious, but I thought it's good to remember that driver updates can do a lot, not only for compatibilty but also for performance and various program crashes and errors, which you would never guess to have any relation to a certain device.

However, since every computer has lots of different devices, I'd guess approximately 30-40, it's not very easy to keep track of the newest device drivers.

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