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I finally have my name on the cover of a book...

Category Book Reviews
No, I haven't changed my stance towards not writing a book yet.  But still, this is pretty cool...

Image:Duffbert's Random Musings - I finally have my name on the cover of a book...

Review quote snippet, front cover, complete with attribution and website.

If you're interested in publicity appearances and book signings, please contact my agent.  :)


Gravatar Image1 - I used to work for OS/2 and Windows guru/author, Mark Minasi, and my best claim to fame was having my name captured in screen shots of user lists and the like that got used in some of his books. Pretty lame in comparison to your 15 minutes here

Gravatar Image2 - Awesome...how cool is that! Congrats...

Gravatar Image3 - Congratulations Tom!

Gravatar Image4 - So cool - congrats!!

Gravatar Image5 - Can we say that "we knew you when . . . ?" Congratulations, Tom!

Gravatar Image6 - Thanks, everyone...

And Kitty... I would place heavy money on the winning number being "1". :)

Gravatar Image7 - Fabuloso - you have definitley earned that one.

So shall we start a new straw poll?
'How many books can Duff get quotes from his reviews on before LS '08'?

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