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A thank you to everyone who has ordered from Amazon through my referral links...

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I wanted to take a moment and say thanks to everyone who has used my book review Amazon Associate links to shop at Amazon.  Here's how it works...  If you click through to Amazon by using one of my book review links, then I receive a small referral commission on everything you purchase in that session.  That's not restricted to just the book link, either.  *Anything* you buy in that session counts.  Even if you don't order the book that was linked but just use that as your starting page, it still racks up the referral count.  It's not retirement money, but it provides a little guilt-free spending cash.

The referral commission works on a sliding percentage scale.  It used to be that the payouts were quarterly, and the counts were accumulated during that whole quarter.  Now they've switched to a monthly payout, so the numbers they use are based on 30 days, not 90.  The commissions start at 4% for the first 1 to 6 items, then jumps to 6% for 7 - 30.  It can go clear up to 8.5% for 3131 items for the month (not that I'll ever see *that* one!).  

I had been receiving order counts between 40 and 60 for the quarter over the last two years.  But since the start of this year and the monthly stats, things have taken off.  I've been hitting around 50 per month, which has been very nice.  In fact, just yesterday there were over 12 items that were ordered!  

And in case you're wondering, I can't tell who is buying what.  I do see what items were clicked through as well as purchased, but they are not tied back to a specific buyer.  So unless you email me and 'fess up, I won't be able to associate anything you're buying with you.  Which is probably good, as Amazon *does* sell some of *those* types of items...  :)

So anyway...  Thanks for using the links to do your shopping.  I appreciate that you've chosen to do that, and to say thanks in a easy, painless way.


Gravatar Image1 - Whatever I can do to help fund your early retirement . . . Basically, what you are saying is that it isn't so much the amount I spend, but the number of items I buy?

Gravatar Image2 - Thanks for taking the pain out of picking good books. I generally check to see if you have reviewed it, then I buy it if you have given it a thumbs up...at least for tech books so far.

I have noticed that your fiction tastes and mine running pretty close together, so I might start looking for your reviews on them as well.

I think that you got a commission on three HeadStart books that I bought...or at least I hope so!

I used to think that I had a huge reading appetite, but I pale in comparison to you.

Thanks again.


Gravatar Image3 - Danke...

Gravatar Image4 - Hi Tom, it's thanks to you that I have restarted to read a lot of books. I follow most of your suggestions for what concerns business and IT books.
Thank you for the reviews, they're very helpful.

Gravatar Image5 - Actually, it's both... The more you buy, the higher the percentage of the referral fee. And 6% of 9.99 is a lot less than 6% of 299.99...

Gravatar Image6 - Just finished contributing to your retirement account, again.

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