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Book Review - The Cure by Dr. Timothy Brantley

Category Book Reviews
This is somewhat of a difficult book to review...  The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life by Dr. Timothy Brantley.  On one hand, I think the basic gist of what he's talking about is correct.  On the other hand, his program is truly extreme and almost ends up being an infomercial for his website and products.

Part 1 - The Search for Balance: Balance and Imbalance; My Quest for Truth; Indecent Exposure; Curing the Incurables; Kathy's Story; Creation, the Real Healer; The Tin Man; Sonya's Story; Water, the River of Life; My Study
Part 2 - The Brantley Road Map to Balance; A Little Inspiration; What to Drink and When; What to Eat and When; Taking Out the Garbage; Sun, Spirit, Exercise, Rest, Relaxation, Fun, and Forgiveness; The Obesity Cure; The Antiaging Cure
A Final Word: Health Is Your Divine Birthright; Author's Products; Bibliography; Index

Brantley is someone who struggled with a number of health issues for much of his life, as well as watching his mother and father die of various illnesses.  He questioned doctors as to *why* people got these diseases, instead of just accepting cures that would not correct the underlying problem.  By using his own body as his lab, he came up with a number of dietary guidelines and practices that he feels restores the body to its natural state of health.  The first part of the book (the larger part) is his story of research, as well as how he worked with and cured a number of "incurable" people who had diseases that were considered terminal.  The last part of the book goes into some level of detail on the program and what a person should and should not be eating and doing to themselves.  

On one hand, he's correct that the typical American diet is atrocious.  The heavy reliance on processed food and chemical-laden products has a direct effect on our health and well-being.  He advocates for a diet consisting of food that is as raw as possible ("as Creation intended").  Veggies, fruits, nuts, meat, you name it...  raw or lightly seared.  For fluids, it's pretty much water.  I don't doubt that eating the way he wants would do wonders for your body.  But I tend to get a bit leery of all his "cleansing" routines.  He's come up with a number of detox formulas which are designed to eliminate all the toxins from your various organs.  Couple that with colonics, and you're doing some pretty strange things to yourself.  He is *very* turned off on modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, pretty much accusing them of doing nothing more than chasing the almighty dollar and making people sicker.  His role models are practitioners who have come up with some rather strange theories that don't have a lot of science to back them up.  And when you get to the second part of the book, there are numerous references to his website.  When you go there for more information, you end up finding ways to purchase his formulas instead of how you can do it yourself.  Therefore, it's hard not to come away from the book wondering if it was really a large sales push...  Yeah, I'm a cynic...  :)

If you were willing to completely change the way you live and eat to follow this program, I don't doubt that you'd see real changes.  And I also believe that there have been some "miracle cures" by people who have done this.  But if the typical person can't follow a simple diet program, I doubt that they're going to be able to commit the time and effort needed to do something like this.  Only the truly desperate would be willing to make these types of radical changes.  

Of course, if we were closer to his program in the first place, they wouldn't *be* so radical now, would they?


Gravatar Image1 - I was fascinated by this book and couldn't put it down. I do agree with the reviewer on points like actual numbers, controls, etc. Additionally, I too, went to the site and thought I would see more of what the book actually said would be there. I wonder if he's just getting it started and is innundated with responses. I did submit a question to the site and received a response VERY quickly. I think I wrote the question on a Friday and got a response on a Sunday or Monday.

As far as the practicality of the way of life (I wouldn't really call it a diet as much as a lifestyle change), I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it has been. It's been an interesting transition, but not very difficult. I have two children ages 2 years and 6 months (so we are very busy and always on the go) and I have a husband who LOVES meat!!! I was shocked to find out he's all for changing his eating habits.

Of course with any findings, it makes sense to do more research and serious digging for information. I have been looking at several raw food sources, nutritional information, etc. Of particular interest to me, since I am nursing a 6-month-old, have a 2-year-old, and plan on having more children, was finding that some raw-food vegans, vegans, and vegetarians have a vitamin B12 deficiency. From what I've been reading this can be a very serious problem. When I wrote to the Timothy Brantley site inquiring about this, they recommended that I take a whole-food vitamin B12 or B complex.

One individual mentioned seeing a nutritionist. I think this is very wise. I wouldn't say this book is just for someone who is dying. I'm young and "healthy" (what does that even mean anymore? haha) and I am simply interested in staying that way and keeping my children healthy. It is so easy, especially with young children, to fall into the ease of processed foods. It is important to me to keep them away from foods that could harm them, whether now or in the long-run (which, by the way, I really believe that not seeing negative side-effects of harmful foods now does not mean you won't see the effects later in life).

I have a few more critiques before I am done. One has to do with the trampoline. I did think this was odd when I read it. I haven't, yet, looked for more information on this. But then again, I look at my 2-year-old and other kids with all their energy who get such a kick out of bouncing up and down and jumping that I wonder if it might actually help (this is certainly not my scientific observation) .

The book does seem very "Timothy Brantley Centered" in that he seems to take credit for people getting well from his way of eating and his herbal formulas. I had heard nothing of this way of eating prior to the book and figured this was all new, especially because of the way the information was presented. I was shocked to discover that raw and living foodists have been around for a long time and there is an extensive amount of research in regard to this way of life.

Lastly, (I want to end on a positive note) my husband and I do feel much better now that we are eating healthier. I think the book was a wonderful starting point for eating foods that help instead of harm our bodies. Just do your homework and pretty soon you'll establish a well-balanced way of eating.

Gravatar Image2 - I received the book as a gift from my mother, and read it in two days, over a weekend. The book did get me excited to get healthy, and I applied much of the "food" doctrine he teaches. I have lost 11 pounds and feel great. I have been eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc...and have never eaten so much food in my life. It takes 30 minutes to eat everything I like to have for breakfast!

However, I agree in many ways with the reviewer. After reading the book, I didn't start a program until I spoke with a certified nutritionists, and read some books based on science, about the subject. My new way of eating, though inspired by The Cure, involves nutritional information received from scientific sources.

It may be of interest also that I looked up the school where Brantley supposedly received his PhD; Pacific Western University, and it is one of those "diploma factory" schools. Sure, this unaccredited, unreputable school may have a few academic programs...but definitely nothing like a PhD in nutrition or medical science. I don't think this means Brantley doesn't know what he is talking about, but I do think that the "PhD" is a little misleading.

Even though my new way of eating deals mostly with raw food, for which The Cure was a great inspiration, I agree with most of what the reviewer said; Brantley gives a few nuggets of knowledge, many of which culminate in purchasing something from his website.

Gravatar Image3 - Nice post, Sue...

Gravatar Image4 - It is amazing to me when I read a book with such commen sense that someone would make non-sense out of it. This review while accurate on the content of the book just appears to miss the point. If you continue eating the typical American diet you will continue a path to unhealthiness. Dr. Brantley stated several times throughout the book that it is not easy to follow a perfect path to health and he also stated that what you put into the program you will get back. So if it is only 50% followed then the benefit back will be 50%. I have been on his program since I read the book. I have lost 15 lbs my energy level has increased and it was not hard to change. I first started with Breakfast and Lunch and I still eat a lot of other foods for dinner. However I choose not to eat the processed foods that once filled my cabinets. This is not hard. I actually eat more today and more often but with good foods fruits, nuts, salads, and rare fish and occassionally a rare steak. Biggest change for me was drinking water more consistently and it works. And on top of it I take his herbal formulas. I really like the Eliminator it makes me much more consistent and complete when I go to the bathroom. I used to have terrible problems when I traveled. This is no longer an issue for me. And I take his enzymes to help me with digestion whenever I eat cooked foods. But it's not just me, my wife has experienced similar results and we believe first hand that we are healthier. To say that this is extreme is just coming from someone who is unwilling to try. Take the baby steps, you will be amazed how easy it is. And if you are really sick with an incurable disease then you may have to go to the extreme, but if it was a choice between the extreme of Chemotherapy or Dr. Brantley's detoxification program it would be an easy choice for me to go with Dr. Brantley's program. I have watched family members die from Cancer and the supposed treatments to help them and quite frankly, it is not a path I want to follow myself. Any way I think you should read the book and come to your own conclusions. T0m is entitled to his opinion. I just think it is too discouraging when Dr. Brantley's message is so positive. I wish you all the best of health.

Gravatar Image5 - I enjoyed the book. Lots of it made sense to me. However, did I miss the part were he mentions salmonella when food isn't cooked? . There is a reason food gets cooked certain tempertures.

Gravatar Image6 - I do think The Cure is a great read, and if it is what motivates you to change, then good!
But this book was written for the person who is dying. Its the Glory of saving a life, being the guiding light, and not the pusher. Brantley had made a lot of amazing observations, but like a couple other comments, some of them are really "out there" Im college educated, in a working mans trade, and even i thought the idea of jumping on a trampoline, and the idea of sugar fermenting right in your cells? im an amateur brewer, and i know the exact science of fermentation, come on.... i really enjoyed his book, though. and it has inspired me to read more into the subject of sugars, and processed foods!
if we all could go back to the garden of Eden, shed our cloths, live in perfect climate, eat perfect food, and have no stress what so ever, we would all be health. Blanket perfect health.

Gravatar Image7 - What is healthy to eat and do will sound strange to those who don't have a clue about health and eat the Standard American Diet (SAD). However, any little change will be an improvement and together they may add up to significantly better health. Eat more naturally, avoid toxins and exercise (another comment mentioned the simple-to-use minitrampoline or rebounder) and you will see good results.

Gravatar Image8 - I think it's more a case of you missing the point of my review. I don't doubt that his program would lead to healthier living. But advocating that someone jump on a mini-trampoline to suspend the cells in the body to get better electroconnectivity (or whatever it was) smacks of offbeat ideas masquerading as "truth". Just because someone's theories were discredited earlier in the century doesn't mean it was a mass conspiracy to suppress the truth. Sometimes they are discredited because they're off the deep end.

And I also wouldn't want to base my health program (or my life if I were on death's door) on a book that paints a overly-rosy picture of how successful this is. He mentions that there are people who he hasn't been able to save, but I'd prefer some real numbers instead of just a statement saying they had been too poisoned to be able to respond to healthy food.

Don't just write a book telling me how good this is. Subject the process to some controls and observation. Give me some numbers... That's where I have a problem with what he's selling.

Gravatar Image9 - The book is great...and yet it is impossible to put EVERYTHING in one book. Read Natural Cures from Kevin Trudeau...it may help you.....ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Gravatar Image10 - It doesn't bother me to see the infomercial, let's give him some credit, he just wrote a book on health, he has to promote it in some way...

Gravatar Image11 - I don't think a lot of people would fall for that, those who need the treatment are probably used to lose lifestyles, they don't usually get involved in extreme treatments. It's one thing when you have a doctor beside you, someone to talk to you and it's another think to just read a book and go for an extreme treatment, it may be too much to handle and a lot of people would be tempted to quit it and go back to their messy lives.

Gravatar Image12 - I have yet to read the book, but became great friends with Timothy in 1995.
It IS a new way of life and one that is AMZINGLY easy, energizing, and fun! He is truly passionate about helping people. Having used his own body as a guinnea pig (as I did mine)and done a lot of his own research he has a PLETHORA of knowledge that is intoxicating and life changing!! :)

Gravatar Image13 - Who wants not lead a healthier life? Obviously everyone. Most important part of our healthier living is healthy food. I think naturals are always better than other. So, I like to be stick with any type of natural food not only milk. I believe the most important part of our healthier living is healthier food.

Gravatar Image14 - Brantley sure knows how to get people psyched up for healthy living I'll give him that. However I was quite stunned to see how flakey and unprofessional he appeared when talking about one of his products on a video on his website.

History on the "university" where Brantley received his "PhD":
California Miramar University was established as Pacific Western University in February 1977.[6] Pacific Western University operated in the Brentwood, California suburb of Los Angeles for its first twenty years, and then moved to Westwood, California where it remained until relocating to San Diego, California in January 2006. According to Inside Higher Education, the school changed its name to distance itself from past controversies. The 2006 article also states the university had changed its ownership, management and location and had filed for national accreditation.[7] The name change to California Miramar University happened in approximately March or April 2007. So, be weary and consult a nutritionist before beginning any program.

Gravatar Image15 - You poor simple Americans you are among
the most unhealthy people in the world.
Something as simple as a natural diet
as descrided by Brantley boggles your mind.
I dont care if he went to grade 2.I promise
you if you follow his diet you will be
much heathier then you are now.

Gravatar Image16 - Using a mini-trampoline is extreme? Dude, old people use them and they are excellent for your lymph nodes. Colonics extreme? People have been doing them for centuries. I do think Dr. Brantley should tone down the commercialism, though. Way too strong on that side.

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