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"Trial run" on the next phase of our life...

Category Everything Else
This has been a somewhat strange week...  Ian, as you probably know if you're a regular reader, is working at an internship at DisneyWorld until June.  Cam, our 18 year old, left for Orlando on Monday to spend a week down there visiting his brother.  He hasn't made the last couple of Disney trips with us, and I guess he felt like he was missing out.  So from Monday night until next Tuesday, it's just me and the missus (and the two cats)...

Very strange...

The dishes actually stay in the kitchen (instead of half the kitchen ending up in Cam's room).  The trash doesn't fill up nearly as often.  No thumping down the stairs at all hours of the day or night.

And I know where the remote is at all times now!  :)


Gravatar Image1 - But we'll have to explain those funny marks on the wall... :)

Gravatar Image2 - Nope... common stuff. :)

Gravatar Image3 - Fortunately, we're at a stage now where we *like* them. :) So we do miss them when they're gone. But it's still nice to have some time where the house is all your own.

Gravatar Image4 - hehe, all big talk, I bet you can't wait till they come back

Gravatar Image5 - I thought I was the only one experiencing the thumping up & down the stairs at all hours of the night and the overflowing trash to take out to the curb every week .


Gravatar Image6 - Live it up while you can.
Your little vacation will be over sooner than you think.
Do crazy things.
Things you tell your kids not to do.
They'll never know. LOL

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