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Ambien is a great thing...

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I normally don't have much of a sleeping problem, but occasionally work-related stress can lead me to sleepless nights.  The bigger problem is when I travel on a red-eye flight.  As hard as I try, I can't seem to sleep on planes.  With my upcoming flight to Ireland stretching over 36 hours and 8 time zones, the prospect of even being aware of where I was at once I got there was dim.

So, while at the doctor on Thursday I asked about possible sleeping aids. He wrote me a prescription for Ambien.  I've tried over-the-counter stuff with not much success, so I figured trying something a bit more powerful was called for.  Rather than use it for the first time on the trip, I decided to try two trial runs over the weekend.

Friday night...  I took the Ambien around 8 pm and started reading in bed.  Around 8:30 my eyes were getting heavy, so I turned out the light and slept until 2:30 or so.  A good six hours (pretty normal), so it sounded OK.  Talking to my wife, she said I was snoring like a chain saw.  She literally had to smack me a number of times to get me to turn over...  Me?  Don't remember a thing...  perhaps this *is* pretty good stuff!

Saturday night...  I wanted to know whether the snoring was a constant, so I decided to try one more dose before the trip.  This time, no snoring.  I also got a good six solid hours before I woke up the first time.  The strange thing was how I apparently drifted off.  The phone rang around 11:30 and it woke me up.  But what I realized was that the light was still on, my book was on the floor, I didn't have my earplugs in, and my glasses were still on.  Again, I can't remember any conscious decision that said I was tired...  :)

Bottom line is that I'm moderately optimistic that I will be able to get some level of sleep on the way over (and back).  Couple the Ambien with eye shades, ear plugs, and a back cushion contraption my wife bought me, and I might even be relatively rested when I get there.  I just have to be sure not to *take* the Ambien until I get on the plane.  Otherwise I might still find my self sleeping in the Portland terminal when I should be in New York...  :)


Gravatar Image1 - @3 Paul, save time and pee trips. Drink a few shots of a good bourbon or in a pinch, soem of that stuff from Scotland.

Note: DO NOT GET CHEAP ON YOURSELF. You pay thousands of dollars for the airfare, invest more than nine dollars on the booze. Avoid booze made in Mexico at all costs.

Gravatar Image2 - In terms of snoring, you get these little metal wire strips covered in a sticky plaster strip. The idea is that you put these over your nose, between the bridge and the tip, to open up your nose so you can breath normally at night.

I thought "Yeah, right", but I've went through a packet of ten (one per night) and woke up refreshed, and without elbow marks on my ribs. So evidently I didnt snore.

Poor Mr Mooney can testify that when *I* start snoring, the earth moves, and *nothing* can make me stop. Aside from these things.

(Apparently, Rugby players use them to increase air-flow...)

Oh. If you dont have an iPod and noise-cancelling headphones, now's a good time to get one. If you have the dosh, get a video, rip your favourite DVD's and watch that on the plane. Recommended.

---* Bill

Gravatar Image3 - When Bill snored, ships 50 miles away changed direction fearing rocks.... Everything I had nearby was thrown directly at his head to no avail.

May I suggest an alternative to drugs... There is another sleeping aid in liquid form. Commonly known as beer, I find that 11 to 12 pints of this liquid pretty much puts me out for at least 12 hours.

Gravatar Image4 - why is it taking you 36 hours to get to Eire?

Gravatar Image5 - @1... I've used the BreatheRight strips before. They helped somewhat, but I found that once I lost some of the weight, the snoring cleared up quite a bit.

@2... I have a layover in NY most of the day Wednesday. It was the only way I could make the cheaper flights mesh. I've never been to NY, so a friend there is going to show me around for a few hours and we'll have lunch.

@3... Note to self... do *not* leave home without my earplugs.

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