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So Skilling and Lay are found guilty...

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I was in meetings most of the morning, so I didn't get a chance to check out my Google News Alerts, one of which trolls for Enron stories.  I found out the news from Ben Langhinriches via email, then Chris Byrne via email, then my wife via cell phone, and my son Ian via text message...  :)

I don't feel any great sense of justice or relief, as that chapter of my life is over and done with.  I do feel good that (in my opinion) justice was served, and that the "I didn't know" defense fell flat.

I'm just waiting for them to start paying claims on the class action lawsuits for retirement program members and former stockholders.  They are running up a nice chunk of change there ($7+ BILLION!), and I might see enough for *2* super-sized McDonalds dinners...

That is, if I were still *eating* McDonald's, and I'm not, because I'm on Jenny Craig...  

no siree bob!


Gravatar Image1 - If you were on Weight Watchers you'd be able to eat McDonalds....you'd blow your whole day's allotment of points on one meal, but it's all about choice, right?

Gravatar Image2 - I lost my job over a combination of 9/11 , corporate scandals and asbestos litigation. I hope these scumbags are forced to eat out of garbage cans and live under a bridge. Hit'em where it hurts. Or... put'em in jail with the regular population instead of the country club they're most likely to end up. The ripple effect of their actions is immense and very painful for many.

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