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Book Review - Birth Of An Age by James Beauseigneur

Category Book Reviews
Since I was stressed out about some work stuff last night (and didn't end up getting any sleep), I plowed through the second book in the Christ Clone trilogy...  Birth Of An Age by James Beauseigneur.  I can definitely say it's better than the first one, and the story is starting to come together...

This volume picks up with the last chapter of the first book.  Christopher Goodman, the person cloned from the cells found on the Shroud of Turin, has just finished his 40 days of solitude in the wilderness, and he's now ready to go back to the UN and start making changes.  But on their way back to New York, a nuclear war erupts between India and Pakistan (and involves part of China), and many millions die.  But that's just the start of the deaths.  John the Apostle and Rabbi Cohen are prophesying major catastrophes (the ones normally associated with the Book of Revelations), and they start coming true.  We have meteors devastating the planet, locusts, wide-spread madness, and poisoned water.  Goodman sees these two individuals as necessary evil for mankind to advance to a new age of enlightenment, and he increasingly finds himself pitted against them.  Right as he's poised to take over leadership of the UN, an assassin guns him down.  But through miraculous events, he's resurrected and heads to Jerusalem to have a final confrontations with the prophets.  Goodman declares himself the "anti-Christ" at that point, and has an interesting twist on the whole God/Satan conflict...

This book was somewhat shorter than the first one, and a lot of time is spent describing the natural disasters in fine detail.  In fact, you go for long stretches with no mention whatsoever of Decker and Goodman.  I was starting to wonder quite a bit about the theology of this series until the end of this book.  Now things are more clear, and I'm following the general storyline.  While still not the best End Times book/series I've ever read, it's starting to redeem itself...


Gravatar Image1 - Tom - not comment on this one, but Child's newest is out - The Hard Way. By chance was in Borders yesterday and the employee helping mentioned that her Dad, a former Army CID Investigator, thought the Reacher "series" were great. Any recommendations on multi-purpose Notes/Domino v7+ books (i.e. admin/basic development in one). Thanks - Skip

Gravatar Image2 - Hey Tom,
The third book is really the clincher. I didn't really have great peace with the series till I'd read through the end of book three. I found myself reading simply because I couldn't walk away from the story with a good feeling at any point till the end, which in a way makes it compelling and engaging, but in a 'I gotta get off this roller coaster or I'm gonna puke' kind of way. Still worth recommending in my mind. Less fluff than Left Behind, which seems to have become a marketing machine before it was completed. I gave up on that one.

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