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Thank you, everyone... You are part of my successes...

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I got my annual review at work this week, and it was nice.  There was an interesting trend in many of the sections, which I thought I'd share and thank you all for...

A number of references were made to my blogging activities, book reviewing, writing gigs, and my Lotusphere speaking.  There was even a reference to my upcoming trip to Ireland to speak at their user group meeting.  All these "non-work" activities have led to an extensive world-wide network of expert IBM Notes/Domino professionals that I can (and do!) call on for help and input when needed, both for work and personal projects.

I'm extremely fortunate that my passion is my profession, and "work" isn't something I dread or avoid.  It's also rewarding knowing that work feeds my personal interests, and my personal interests feed back into my work successes.

So again it becomes clearly obvious...  My success "at work" is not wholly my own, but a result of those who have helped me, harrassed me, challenged me, and encouraged me.  If anyone'd suggested that blogging would have been this beneficial so many years ago, I'd have dismissed them as being overly optimistic.  In my wildest dreams, I would never have figured it to be this important...  

So to everyone who's been part of the "Duffbert network", thank you.  I'm able to do what I do because of you, and please know that I value you all more than I can say...


Gravatar Image1 - Well deserved!
I know what you mean. We can't take all the credit for our success and it's good to realize we're all in this together. Someone has said you are defined by the books you read and the people you associate with. I wouldn't last a day in this jungle without Notes.net and the tips provided by bloggers such as yourself. It's so cool to be reading Notes.net and recognize people you've actually met and had a beer with. I imagine you'd have to look far and wide to find a closer community.
You sure give as much or more as you take. Rock on!

Gravatar Image2 - @8 Deb
A Duffbert-shaped bottle? Hmmm ... I don't know about that but it was hot and spicy!

Gravatar Image3 - @3 - I don't get the reference to "...created "in person" with killer steak rub?"
Did I miss a memo or something?
(BTW, congrats on the review )

Gravatar Image4 - But did they give you a raise?

Gravatar Image5 - Yes, I got a raise...

And in what other community would you be created "in person" with killer steak rub?

Gravatar Image6 - That should have been *greeted in person* with steak rub. Curt attended our Java session at Lotusphere, and brought both Joe and I some BBQ steak rub that was really good stuff...

Gravatar Image7 - Hey, Paul... the words "Microsoft migration tools" were actually mentioned in the review, too... *You* can take a fair amount of credit there. :)

Gravatar Image8 - whew! o.k. that makes more sense. I was imagining a Duffbert-shaped bottle of steak rub having been given to you as some kind of tribute-or-other. I think the raise is a better approach...but maybe that's just me.

Gravatar Image9 - LOL! What a thread. Watch those referrers spike this month. Congratulations, Tom.

Gravatar Image10 - The *steak rub*, Deb... the *steak rub*...

I know where you were going...

Gravatar Image11 - Well done Duffbert! well deserved (even if you are one of those evil developer people).

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