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This means more to me than a Slashdot callout...

Category Blogging
One of the mailing lists I belong to is for computer book publishers and authors.  Many of the well-known names in that genre hang out there, and it's interesting to interact with them in that setting.  Anyway, there was a recent thread titled "Blogs and the future of publishing", in which a number of people chimed in with their thoughts.  Kathy Sierra of Head First and Creating Passionate Users fame chimed in with the following:

If I'd known the effect a blog could have, I'd have done it much, much earlier. My blog is currently #103 on Technorati, and my goal has been to reach the Top 100, so it's close.  But even when my ranking was 500, I was already getting calls from publishers, and getting consulting gigs and paid presentations and keynotes as a result.

It's a lot of work, but it's the single best thing I've ever done in my career. In the next three months I'm being paid to go to New Zealand, London, Spain, Brussels, and Finland--all of which are themselves valuable marketing opportunities. And I am doing nothing more than offering free content. NONE of this happened before the blog -- most of these people had never heard of me until the blog, so it's extended my reach way past just the Head First readers.

All very true, and there are numerous stories (probably less dramatic, but an impact all the same) of bloggers who feel the same way.  

Ah, but here is the part that made my day...  At the end of the post, she put the following:

[And thanks to Dori and Thomas Duff and Dave Taylor whose helped provide the initial motivation.]

Whoa!  You never know who you may be influencing when you throw your words out there...

Thanks, Kathy...  You really did make my day!


Gravatar Image1 - Man, and I helped get YOU blogging. Shows that I shouldn't set my sights so low (short humor there for anyone who still doesn't know that Tom is a runt)

Similar to Volker's post about the secondary action often having an even larger effect than the first. Or something like that.

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