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Let's see if this stops the blog comment spamming...

Category Blogging
Bruce sent me a link to something he had done to his blog to prevent blog spam, but I didn't quite understand what the changes were (and admittedly I didn't try very hard, either).  Then Captain Oblivious shared his solution, and *that* one I understood right off.  

So, I've added the SaveOptions field to the web-based comment form and made sure that real comments work (they do).  Now I just have to wait to see if I get any comment spam.  

Given the last couple of days, I shouldn't have to wait very long...


Gravatar Image1 - Bummer, dude. I assume your spam docs aren't coming through with the IsSpam field set to "Yes" then?

Personally, I like Volker's comment system - where you have to type something in to post. I particularly like the fact that his version uses numbers instead of the squiggly letters. Believe it or not, when I run into spam-prevention solutions that rely on funkified letters I usually have trouble telling exactly what the letters are. I was thinking the other day that somebody ought to do a version of that for BlogSphere. And before you ask, no, I don't have the cycles to spare right now (maybe in a month or so), so don't go volunteering ME to write it. Heh...

Gravatar Image2 - Asketh for help and you shall receive. Ping me when you can so we setup the code for your blog.

Gravatar Image3 - Well... *that* didn't work... I've gotten a few more comment spam hits this morning...

Back to the drawing board.

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