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Pesky blog comment spam...

Category Blogging
Looks like a number of the Blogsphere bloggers are getting comment spammed very heavily over the last couple of days...  I just started writing down some of the IP addresses to see if they are coming from a semi-limited set.  I know a few repeated, but I don't have all the ones I got earlier in the day (already deleted them).  So far, I've put comment blocks on the following IP addresses:

I'll keep an eye on this over the next day or so and see if we start hitting blocks.  If not, I'll just let it go.  I realize that if the spammers are using zombie bots, the chances of shutting it down by this method are slim and none.  However, if we narrow it down to 20 or 30 IP addresses, perhaps I can stem this temporary flood until the guy gets tired and moves on.


Gravatar Image1 - I got hit also. I posted the IP addresses involved here:

Gravatar Image2 - Vince had modified my blogsphere template a few months back with some code he posted on the OpenNTF site and it has worked 100%. Not one comment spam.

Here is a link to what he did:


Gravatar Image3 - This is a test comment... If everything goes well, implementing Rob's idea for spam blocking should allow this one to go through.

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