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So is 45 officially middle-aged?

Category Everything Else
If so, I'm there today...

Image:Duffbert's Random Musings - So is 45 officially middle-aged?


Gravatar Image1 - 45?! Sure you don't look a day over 50!
Have a happy birthday, old man

Gravatar Image2 - Happy Birthday, you young man

Gravatar Image3 - Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy biiiiirrrrtttthhhhhddddaaaayyyyyyyy dear Duffbert
Happy birthday to you!

Gravatar Image4 - Tsk Tsk, deleted, I don't know, no respect
So once again, hugs and best wishes from us both on your birthday.

Gravatar Image5 - Happy Birthday Duffbert! You don't look old to me, but then again, I'm not looking at you right now...


Gravatar Image6 - Happy Birthday! I agree with the other posters. I think the middle-age cutoff moves up as we age. I used to think it was 40 but, now that I'm 37 I'm pretty sure it must be 50. I'm also pretty sure my opinion will change before I'm 50.

Gravatar Image7 - I knew you and vowe had something in common besides your good looks

Gravatar Image8 - Happy Birthday! I got you beat by all of 4 months.

Gravatar Image9 - Happy birthday!

Gravatar Image10 - Happy birthday, Duffbert. I lead by three years minus one day.

Gravatar Image11 - Happy birthday.
You're older than me. You're older than me. nyah nyah na nyah nyah. (Hey, just cuz we're old doesn't mean we have to be mature. ... and when are you officially allowed to go through your second childhood?)

Gravatar Image12 - Man, guess I was late to the party here... Where's the cake?

Happy Birthday man!


Gravatar Image13 - Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Gravatar Image14 - Dang! I was gonna post a comment on whatever happened to be your latest post, announcing your birthday ....and telling folks that you were 50

But I had to take care of some stuff here at work and then when I pop on ....you've already posted. Well, for the record, I think middle age starts around 60 or so.

Happy birthday dude. Tell the boss (at work and at home) that the Domino community says you get a day off.

Gravatar Image15 - Are you shopping for reading glasses yet? Those things make people look old. But, I wouldn't count against you with all the reading you do. Besides, you've got more energy than most the youngsters I know!
I hope everyone is good to you today! Enjoy! Let us know if you get any new toys.

Gravatar Image16 - @20 - ROFLMAO!!!!

Gravatar Image17 - No way is 45 middle-aged, never mind old! Give yourself 5-10 years for middle aged.
Happy Birthday, Duffbert!

Gravatar Image18 - Happy Birthday Tom!
I think you are looking younger!

Gravatar Image19 - hmmm, in 5 years you can join AARP. And maybe you can get cheap Viagra at 45

Happy birthday!

Gravatar Image20 - Happy Birthday Duffbert! You can't be middle-aged...you haven't read enough books yet!

Gravatar Image21 - Happy Birthday! Middle-age is always 20 years older than I am in any given year, so you're safe by quite a few years!

On your birthday in 1964:

Or if you want actual history:

Gravatar Image22 - Some would contend that I never officially finished my first one, Deb...

Gravatar Image23 - Happy birthday Duffbert!

Gravatar Image24 - @12 Chris - I get emails all the time for cheap Viagra and I'm only 42. If you'd like me to forward to you, you can send me a private email.

Gravatar Image25 - Common birthdays and long, flowing locks...

Gravatar Image26 - OK... Middle-age is now officially 50 and above (for me only)...

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