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The May issue of the LotusUserGroup.org Developer Tips newsletter is now out...

Category LotusUserGroup.org
If you didn't get a copy in your inbox (and *why* haven't you signed up???), you can find it on their site here.

Many thanks to my co-writer Jess Stratton for teaming up with me each month, and to Libby Ingrassia for making me sound semi-coherent...


Gravatar Image1 - I printed Jess' very inspirational quote and pinned it to my cube wall.

"...*doing our business* is what computers are for.

This thought alone should push us to work to develop better applications,
to create the easiest to use interfaces we can. We should find the most
streamlined methods of working in our client software, and strive to make
our applications work as seamlessly as they can with others. All this
combined will make the user's life easier, which will make the job get done
better. It benefits all of us, in ways we might not have thought of. Don't
forget -- at the end of the day, we're end users too."

...and Duff, I always thought you sounded "semi-coherent", even without help.


Gravatar Image2 - The article on UI and the links to the free, royalty free images is awesome! Thanks Tom!

Gravatar Image3 - o.k. you win.
You're not semi-coherent.

Gravatar Image4 - @8 - Good point.

Gravatar Image5 - Was that before or after finishing off your mai-tai, Deb?

Gravatar Image6 - Allow me to re-itterate, "even without help".
That includes the assistance of mai-tais.
Though, to be fair, you were slightly more coherent after the mai-tai.

Gravatar Image7 - Coherency is over-rated !
I remember many being incoherent the night of JamFest and that's what made it fun.

Gravatar Image8 - Great newsletter! I don't know where you find the time. I haven't finished reading all of it but I like your links to web ui stuff.

Gravatar Image9 - You wouldn't know... I searched for my room and you all headed off to the JamFest. :)

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