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Give up the blog, Ray... Apparently you're not cut out for it...

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And this makes 0 - 3...


Access Denied.


Gravatar Image1 - I just unsubscribed from him. It seems like every few days his articles are marked new again. Sorry Mr. Ozzie, but your blog isn't important enough for me to sign up for an MSN Passport account just to read it.

Gravatar Image2 - What a shame! I used to admire him a lot more in the past than I do now. Maybe just doesn't have the time but you're rightwhy bother.

Gravatar Image3 - It's back up now.

Gravatar Image4 - Albeit with no new content in awhile... I think I'm inclined to follow the lead of Chris and just delete the feed from my RSS list.

Gravatar Image5 - "Space not available". LOL.

Interesting that it's exactly a month since I reported the same thing (http://www.rhs.com/powerofthescchwartz/d6plinks/RSCZ-6NGLE9), and then it was mysteriously fixed. Let's make a note to check it again on June 1st/2nd.

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