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No, I haven't decided to ignore the proposed Eclipse series...

Category Software Development
I've had a number of writing gigs that I had to get out of the way first.  Now that those are done, I can give some thought to the subject...


Gravatar Image1 - @Haran... I *will* be including a list of books.

@Mikkel... Probably both. It'll be more designed to introduce Eclipse to Domino developers who haven't investigated it, and we'll let it play out from there. Part of it will be my own learning, shared on a public stage...

Gravatar Image2 - I'm looking forward to Eclipse series. Can you suggest good eclipse books for starters?


Gravatar Image3 - So, did you add the Technorati tags logic, or is it built into your blog software? It is kind of lame to have a post with None as an active tag. If you have None, the whole Technorati line should disappear (at least, that is how mine works).

Oh, and I am looking forward to the Eclipse series.

Gravatar Image4 - The Technorati tag bit is built into the latest version of Blogsphere. I don't always remember to tag things, as it's "below the fold" in terms of field placement. You're right in that it should hide that line if the field is "None" or blank.... Perhaps a short weekend project.

Gravatar Image5 - What are you considering for the Eclipse series? Information on how to develop Java (agents and libraries) in Eclipse or a series on developing Eclipse plugins?


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