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Interested in a blog series on Eclipse for the Domino Developer?

Category IBM/Lotus
One of the memes floating in the Domino blogsphere lately is the idea that Domino developers haven't yet embraced or understood the importance of learning about Eclipse and Java.  After listening to the latest Taking Notes podcast, I wondered if there was anything I could do to help bridge that gap and allow people to be a bit more prepared for Hannover and composite applications.

My thought is to do a series of short blog postings titled something like "Eclipse for the Domino Developer".  I'm *far* from an expert in Eclipse, but there's no better way to learn something than to try teaching or explaining it to others.  I can take it from a Domino developer perspective, relate it to what we know in Designer, and sort of take the readers along in my Eclipse journey.

Would any readers of my blog be interested in that type of material?


Gravatar Image1 - PLEASE!!!! It would certainly be helpful for me Tom to get a foot into the Eclipse/Java door!

Gravatar Image2 - Tom - do it! I would like to just see Eclipse "translations" of some standard Notes applications - whatever those are. I was impressed with the demo of the WorkPlace developer and wish some of the functionality would move over to ND Developer.

Gravatar Image3 - I'm certainly interested but I think you should keep your posts here. If enough people start posting things on the topic maybe just get people to do like they are doing with SnTT so there's an easy way to find them?

Gravatar Image4 - Absolutely! Mikkel Heisterberg is doing a great series on Java itself, with commentary about how things apply in the Domino world, but I'd love to see some specifics about Eclipse as an IDE.

Gravatar Image5 - [6] - I think thats an interesting idea. I have quite a few tips to pass on from my learning on eclipse. They are tips, activities (task based) and are not meant to be a tutorial for the beginners. Maybe, I should blog it.

Gravatar Image6 - Yes, very interested :)

Gravatar Image7 - I'm certainly interested but I think you should keep your posts here. If enough people start posting things on the topic maybe just get people to do like they are doing with SnTT so there's an easy way to find them?

Gravatar Image8 - That would be really useful! Have done a 5 day Java programmer course and have done a fair bit of reading on integrating Domino with Java, but plenty more would be very welcome.

Gravatar Image9 - That will be very nice. When I started working with eclipse I found good books from oreilly on the subject, but they are detailed and I felt that those books would be more useful when you have a basic grip on the IDE - it's possible to get lost in the details.

I learnt my way by working with it. Now, when I go back and refer those books it's easier to follow. A series of focussed articles on the essentials will be great and will certainly ease the learning curve for the beginners.

Gravatar Image10 - My opinion ranges between "darned tootin'". That is all.

Gravatar Image11 - Thanks for the feedback to date... I think the consensus is "do it". :)

I like the wiki idea, too. I don't know that I'll pursue that as an origin for my posts, but I could see moving the posts over to that format after a time in order to allow ongoing collaboration on the information.

Gravatar Image12 - Sorry, got a little happy with the mouse button.

Gravatar Image13 - Tom, I say "go for it". Bob and Karen (I think) had some articles that were useful in this area in the last year or so in Domino Advisor I think.

I think this is a mildly amusing discussion in the community since two years ago or so we were all up in arms over IBM "killing" Domino in favor of something Java-based. Now that the message is obviously coexistence within a convergence strategy, we find ourselves sitting here saying "we aren't ready to play in the coming Java environment, we need to get there". Does anyone else find this just a bit odd.

If you do this, I'd almost rather see it in a collaborative space (news group or wiki) rather than one person's blog (no offense intended) so that all the community could post and comment on their experiences.

There's a lot going on right now as far as Java and existing Domino applications that's going on at my company. It's going to be an interesting experience to those of you who stay squarely in the Domino community. I guess I need to start looking for a blog hoster so I can start documenting our tale.

Gravatar Image14 - Hi:
I am a lotus notesdeveloper. I am trying to learn java to use in notes, but the biggest hurdle has been that there are not many articles giving simple start for beginners like me. The biggest difference between .net ( or any microsoft tool) and Lotus notes has been availability of material on the net. If you can point me to some really basic article or tutorial to learning java for notes developers, I would really appreciate it.

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