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The high point of Lotusphere Comes To You in Portland for me today...

Category IBM/Lotus
Image:Duffbert's Random Musings - The high point of Lotusphere Comes To You in Portland for me today...



Gravatar Image1 - If you only saw what he did to get those gloves Good seeing you Tom and Jim. I had a GREAT time.


Gravatar Image2 - I was very surprised myself, but I definitely wasn't going to object. :)

Gravatar Image3 - You dog! I was wondering who would get those. That is one cool piece of cubicle decor.

Gravatar Image4 - or flip somebody off (not that Duff would ever do that)

Gravatar Image5 - They make it really hard to pick your nose.

Gravatar Image6 - THERE'S NO STORY!!!!! That's just Bruce being Bruce...

Really... I didn't do anything... much...

Gravatar Image7 - @Duffbert,

Give me the gloves and I won't tell what you said to the IBM guy

Gravatar Image8 - That's great Tom...those would be really cool to have and display.
So what IS the story Bruce...Tom??

Gravatar Image9 - Those are going to impact your typing speed....

I bought a pair for my daughter. She now regularly beats the snot out of "Sid" the punchbag with them. Sid of course is a man-shaped computerised punchbag (geek! or what?) - and bears more than a passing resemblence to the run-of-the-mill MS automaton...

---* Bill

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