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Visitor milestone this morning...

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Image:Duffbert's Random Musings - Visitor milestone this morning...

I was hoping to sleep in a bit this morning, because I'm heading over to the Lotusphere Comes To You Event this morning.  Alas, my mind decided that 3 am was an OK time to start churning, as 5.5 hours of sleep is enough for anyone, right?  sigh...  gonna be a long afternoon today...

Anyway, I was checking my email, blog, what have you, and I noticed the hit count...  300000 visitors served since this blog's inception over three years ago.  Took me 22 months to hit the first 100000, 9 months to hit the next 100000, and slightly less than 7 to make 300000.

Not an A-lister, to be sure...  But not stuck in the Z-list any more, either...


Gravatar Image1 - Aw... Thank you, Matt!

Gravatar Image2 - adjusting billing as necessary

Gravatar Image3 - Congratulations....but I'm not surprised. The blog rocks

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