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Help? ND 6.5 mail template design opening on web... only iNotes?

Category Software Development

Hopefully someone can educate me, as it was a very stressful afternoon...  :)

I have a mail-in database based on the old R5 mail template that has some custom forms and such.  Part of the group uses the Notes client to manage the emails and suggestion forms that come in, and the people who submit suggestions use the browser.  The application is set up on the web to launch a frameset with a single frame showing a custom form.  Basic information is collected, the submit is clicked, the form is saved, and the browser window closes.  The rest of the mail file is never accessed via the web.

Now they want to update the design of the template to the ND6.5 look and feel.  I applied the ND6.5 mail template, figured out the custom forms and such, and everything looked OK via the Notes client.  And basically that's the only way I ever use it.  What we *forgot* to test (I overlooked it as I have never done much with it) is how it launches on the browser.  When we applied the update, the app now tries to launch the iNotes template stuff...  

Not good, and we backed out to the original...

I have the Web launch options set to launch the same frameset containing the custom form, but everything I do seems to have no effect.  It still wants to head off to iNotes-land...

What am I missing?

Is it impossible to have an ND6.5 mail template-based database launch to anything other than the iNotes stuff on the web?

I keep thinking "This is a freaking MAIL template!  Why can't I get it to launch as required?"



Gravatar Image1 - I don't know that he does... I'll send an email out to the group for input... Thanks.

Gravatar Image2 - If you use the mail6 template and not the Domino Web access template, the iNotes stuff won't get called and it opens like the R5 mail template.

Gravatar Image3 - &ui=webmail

Just change the end of the url to include the above.

Gravatar Image4 - Excellent, Vince! Thanks so much...

And Bruce? I'll make sure the "pimp" gets some sort of recognition...

Gravatar Image5 - I didn't think anyone would be interested but since you're twisting my arm I'll write something up and blog about it.

Gravatar Image6 - That seems to be the general consensus... My only "issue" there is that our standard company email template (slightly modified) is the iNotes version, and I'd prefer stay with that one. But I may not have any choice...

Gravatar Image7 - @Duffbert,

Make sure you first talk to his pimp

Gravatar Image8 - Hi Tom,
You need to break the spell that iNotes intercepts otherwise you are stuck with the &ui= as long as it is a iNotes enabled template. You might get away by removing the iNotes stuff from the design and tell the database (in properties) that it is not a mail file (doesn't harm the mail-in function). I remember (but I couldn't find it) a technote on support.lotus.com that explains what makes a database iNotes aware.

Gravatar Image9 - Applying the iNotes template on a database will add invisible forms to the database which are not visible in the designer.
I bet one of these is responsible for the iNotes UI.
Think I'll look into that one (if I can find the time)

Gravatar Image10 - Actually, I don't want any mail UI at all... I want it to open to the frameset I have set up in the database properties when the user types in http://server/dir/app.nsf. If I change the URL to open the custom form, then people who have bookmarked the base URL will get an incorrect link, and I'll have to change links in six other apps that point to this database.

Right now, http://server/dir/app.nsf launches the custom form in the frameset (single frame). The user fills in their employee number, and the form refreshes with their employee info. They then put in their question/suggestion, and the submit button saves the doc in the database and closes the window. The user on the web side never knows it's a mail-in database (nor do they care)...

Am I stuck with a ui= parameter on a Notes mail template?

Gravatar Image11 - And I'll owe you immensely come Lotusphere...

Gravatar Image13 - Betcha Ron has the answer. Does he visit here?

Gravatar Image14 - Ping Dr. Vince Schuurman on the mail. He is the OpenNTF Mail Template guru.


Gravatar Image15 - That would explain why running the TeamStudio search utility turned up attempted accesses of IWA design elements that it couldn't "find"...


Gravatar Image16 - Either way you're modifying the design, right? You're either going to be re-doing in the standard mail template whatever slight mods you've already done to the iNotes template -- which presumably you've documented well enough so that you can repeat them whenever you do an upgrade... Or you're going to be doing some significant surgery to try and make an iNotes-based design not behave like iNotes. If your mods really are minor, the former path seems to be the clear winner.

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