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A couple of Linux failures...

Category Linux

From InformationWeek:  Case Closed: When Open Didn't Work

Regal Entertainment has decided to replace their IBM Point-Of-Sale terminals running Red Hat with a Windows XP Embedded solution.  Turns out they didn't have the necessary in-house support experience to support Linux, and decided they could do better with Windows.  Definitely a consideration to take into account when considering a migration...

From TheAge.com.au:  Linux misses Windows of opportunity

Crest Electronics in Australia installed Red Hat Linux servers to handle their SAP environment, but it was running into major stability issues.  Makes me wonder how good SAP is on the Linux platform...


Gravatar Image1 - You have to wonder sometimes if projects like this fail because the IS staff wants them to fail. Let's face it, IS can be pretty darned lazy and resistant to change sometimes.
Lost a Domino site to Exchange solely because the guy in charge of the email system made sure that Domino failed. He knew Exchange well, and hated Notes. No other reason. Worked very well for him, though.

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