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IBM sued over Lotus Notes, Websphere

Category IBM/Lotus

From the Inquirer:  IBM sued over Lotus Notes, Websphere

A FIRM HAS SUED Big Blue for allegedly infringing patents it claims it owns which applies to products sold by IBM including Lotus Notes.

The first action was filed earlier this month by Information Technology Innovation (ITI) in the Eastern district of Texas, Marshall Division. The patent alleged to have been infringed is No. 5,892,908, a "method of extracting network information".

This claims to describe a method of extracting network information from an initial link address which then retrieves a file associated with the initial link address. The drawings associated with the patent, filed in 1996, include general block diagrams, such as figure four in the patent, shown below.

A picture named M2

It amazes me that things we use every day that almost seem to be part of the landscape have patent holders who are just waiting to make the big score...  Talk about a broken system...


Gravatar Image1 - As far as I can determine, the patent has a specific application to look-ahead cacheing and site-scraping, which may not be entirely obvious. If it passes the obvious test, then it still has to deal with the fact that it applies to clients and proxies, not to application servers and design tools.

Gravatar Image2 - I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that same thought...

Gravatar Image3 - I may be exceptionally dense, but I fail to see how the patent claims relate to either product group (or to the previously-filed suit against adobe). Unless the lawyer goes for the "Chewbacca defence", in which case not making sense is a winning strategy.

Gravatar Image4 - I saw this, and thought, "are we patenting things way too simple?" The basic concept (to me) should be in an elementary web class at the local junior high school.

It doesn't mention, but are these SCO lawyers?

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