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A new acronym from our vacation... NAGL

Category Everything Else

NAGL...  rhymes with "bagel"...  and it stands for...

Not A Good Look

And there were *far* too many NAGL sightings in the last week down in the parks in Orlando...

Listen up, people...  just because you're on vacation does *not* mean that you're forbidden to use a mirror.  Being a thousand miles away from home does *not* mean you can subject your fellow park attendees to a new fashion style you've been wanting to try out because you'd be too embarrassed to be seen wearing it at home.  And just because a celeb was wearing your outfit on the cover of some glamour mag does *not* mean it looks just as good on you.  It doesn't.

If you're from Brazil, are image conscious, and have a great beach body (and there were a few that fit that category), knock yourself out.  You can get away with just about anything.  

If you're an American with a white (or sunburned) front or back, I don't want to see that exposed hunk of flesh between the bottom of your top and the top of your shorts.  If you had to suck in *anything* to put on the pants to wear that midriff-exposing outfit, just stop right now.  It looks *really* bad.  Yes, we're looking at you, but no, we're not thinking good things...

If you're wearing an off-the-shoulder tube-style top, can you spare us that fashion if your boobs sag into your stomach region without support?  The fashion looks good if the top fits snugly under your armpits, not if it's halfway down your body and still doesn't show anything.

I know it's hot out, but bikini tops don't work on a large number of body types.  And if there's any question as to whether you have a belly-button piercing, that's a sign that perhaps you shouldn't be playing that guessing game with total strangers.  Just put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  

And guys?

Black socks with dress shoes and shorts?  It'd be a capital offense if I had my way...


Gravatar Image1 - Depends on how ugly the toes are... :)

Gravatar Image2 - LOL... I'd grant a little leeway on that one if you're in a different country..

Gravatar Image3 - Lighten up Duffster. What difference does the type of shoe/color of socks make? Does it offend some particular sensitivity of your being? Is it some affront to some rule someone came up with? Live and let live. For many years, the only comfortable footwear I had was a particular model of cowboy boots, and you know how important it is to me to be able to walk. I even wore them with a tuxedo (anybody who noticed was told that this was my "fashion statement").

And I better not catch you wearing white after Labor Day

Gravatar Image4 - It was the cowboy boots and thong ensemble that we all objected to, Bas...

Gravatar Image5 - Do NOT go to Bermuda, then.

Gravatar Image6 - Now, THAT made for a great read this morning. Lightened up my mood for the whole day.

For whatever reason, I don't seem to see too many NAGL's in New York. Guess you don't have a choice there... you'd get told right away to buy a mirror. You DO see men in the aforementioned shorts/black socks combination, and you might be a bit light on your proposed penalty.

Guys, don't do it. If the dude is 70, I'd forgive him... but you see these guys in their mid 40's. What gives???

Gravatar Image7 - Nice to see that you are back. This occurs at all parks, zoos, etc. and makes going a lesson in "What Not to Wear." This stuff scares me.

Gravatar Image8 - Your memory is too good....

Gravatar Image9 - And where to sandals over socks fit in?

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