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Book Review - Die Trying by Lee Child

Category Book Reviews

Next up in my catch-up reading of Lee Child is Die Trying, the second book in the Jack Reacher series.  As with the first one I read, it's a good "mind-candy" read...

Reacher happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in Chicago.  He attempts to help a woman coming out of a dry cleaners shop with an armful of clothes and a pair of crutches.  At the same time, two other people show up with plans on abducting the woman.  Since Jack just happens to be there and appears to be paired with her, he ends up going along for the ride.  He eventually figures out she's an FBI agent, recovering from a knee injury, and is also the daughter of a very well-known general in the US military.  The kidnappers belong to a militia group who want to use her to extract concessions from the government, chief of which is the formation of their own country within the borders of Montana.  Regardless of how much of a pain she is, they can't afford to kill her.  Reacher's another story, however...

This is one of those books where everything works out right for the good guys and not so good for the bad guys.  I'm enjoying the character of Reacher, as well as Child's writing style...  rapid fire action and lines.  If you're looking for deep significance or intricate plotlines, you may be disappointed.  But if you just want to kick back and take an action ride, this book will get you there...  


Gravatar Image1 - Tom-good review. Some are better than others but as you said they are enjoyable, mainly to see what he says/does in given situations. Will try your newest review at the top of the page - thanks.

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