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I was *wrong*... Barry Bonds did come back...

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... and he hit a home run last night.

I will admit to being really surprised.

Update:  09/17/2005 - On ESPN.com, there's an article about how Bonds is looking to become "skinny" and lose 28 pounds for next season.  While the reasoning (his knee won't hold up under the strain of his current weight) is sound, I find it "interesting" that it also becomes a perfect rationale behind why his body type will change during the off-season, as well as how he can explain away his "non-use" of steroids.  


Gravatar Image1 - Micheal Jordan did same thing for the same reasons in his later seasons. Plus I don't think stopping sterioid use would have that profound an effect in one season, 28 lbs is a lot of weight to lose.

Gravatar Image2 - Actually, if you drop steroids after being a regular/heavy user, 28 pounds isn't that big of a deal. I used to follow bodybuilding pretty close, and obviously we're talking a massive amount of drug use at the competitive level. Gaining 30 pounds of muscle in a few short months is not at all unusual, nor is losing it all once you come off a steroid cycle.

While I don't claim that Bonds was stacking 'roids like a bodybuilder, I still think that there were "performance enhancing substances" being used. And if those substances were being used for more than injury rehab, then the muscle growth attributed to the 'roids will disappear once the 'roids are stopped.

If Bonds played at 185'ish in his early days (I think that's what the article said) and now needs to lose 30 pounds to get to 200 (and this is *after* being off all season), it's conceivable that he packed on at least 45 to 50 pounds of muscle over his career. And much of this in his 30's and early 40's. He'll retain some portion of his build due to his admittedly strong workout ethic. But any gains based on 'roid use will disappear once he drops them... if he drops them.

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