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Gotta love progress like that...

Category Everything Else

As of last night's weigh-in...

A picture named M2


Gravatar Image1 - Great job! It's cool to see it in graph form, but I bet it feels better on you!

Keep it up...I love reading both of your blogs!

Gravatar Image2 - Good on you!

I made the bad mistake of stepping on a scale last night since I'm still recovering from my "vacation binging"... and I hit 200! OUCH!!! Time to salade again!

Gravatar Image3 - Great Tom!

Recently, I've also lost some weight. Between july 24th and september 8, I lost 18 pounds.

I use Herbalife products, I made some adjustments to my diet (meaning I drink less beer nowadays) and I've taken up mountainbiking, 50 to 100 kilometers per week.

And I feel great! You too?

Gravatar Image4 - Wow!! That is impressive. Are you going to share how you did it?

Gravatar Image5 - Good job, slim! I bet that feels a lot better!

I recently started a little weight loss ritual myself - 2 TBS of Fiber in 32 oz of water befor bed each night. I was already at an 'ok' weight, but it shaved off about .75 lbs a day for 9 days strait. Holding steady now at my target weight.

Gravatar Image6 - Congratulations Tom.

Gravatar Image7 - This is awesome Tom. Gayle and I are very proud of you!

Gravatar Image8 - Have I ever told you about the time I lost 78 pounds in less than a day?

Had my pocket picked on the London Underground

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