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Another visitor milestone reached...

Category Blogging

Before leaving for work this morning, I found this on my hit counter...

A picture named M2

I went back and found where I hit 100000 (December 3rd, 2004), and it took me around 22 months to get there.  It only took me 9 months to reach the next 100000, and that doesn't even figure in the RSS hits.

I know to A-List bloggers, this is a mere drop in the bucket.  But for a short runt in the Northwest area of the U.S., it's far better than I expected when I started this over two years ago...  Thanks for riding along with me, and now it's off to 300000!


Gravatar Image1 - Nope... that's the right place... It's one I set up a long time ago, and I've just continued to use it in the blog. I probably should find some other one. :) bCentral is Microsoft's Small Business site.

Gravatar Image2 - Congratulations. I love stats :)

Recent calculations have said I´ll be passing the 100,000 mark in approximately 2,5 years. Already the champagne is set up in the fridge.

Gravatar Image3 - Should be nice and aged by then. :)

Gravatar Image4 - I was interested in adding a page counter (not sure why, it'll just be depressing, but anyway). I clicked on the FastCounter link you have, and it took me to Microsoft Small Business Services (http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/online/services/hub.mspx)- is this correct, or has FastCounter been hijacked?

Gravatar Image5 - Congrats! I think I'll finally hit 100,000 tomorrow.

Gravatar Image6 - Nice, Carl!

Gravatar Image7 - So, since I hit your blog 20, 30 times a day, am I helping? Congrats!

Gravatar Image8 - Your hosting costs just went up

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