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Book Review - Killing Floor by Lee Child

Category Book Reviews

I actually *do* read books other than technology non-fiction!  A regular reader of my blog emailed me and recommended that I check out an author named Lee Child.  Since there are a number of books he's written with the main character Jack Reacher, I decided to start at the beginning...  Killing Floor.  I now officially hooked and will be working through *that* entire series...

Reacher is an ex-military cop who has gotten his discharge from the military and is now simply drifting from place to place with no commitments for nearly the first time in his entire life.  He decides to hop off the Greyhound bus outside of Margrave, Georgia, nothing more than a dot on the map.  He's into music, and there's a singer from way back, Blind Blake, who hailed from Margrave.  But before he gets very far, he's arrested at gunpoint for the murder of someone at a factory owned by a major citizen of the town.  Although he is able to convince the local detective that he's not the person, the detective has to put him in holding in the local prison over the weekend until they can get it all sorted out.  While there with another person who just *might* have committed the crime, they are both targeted to die in a prison fight that increasingly looks like a setup.  Once out, Reacher starts working with the detective and a local female cop, Roscoe, to solve the crime and figure out why everything seems a little "off" in this small town.  It becomes personal when he finds out that the murdered person was his brother who he hasn't seen in a couple of years.  The deeper they get, the more people surrounding the case start to get offed.  Worse, there's an obvious conspiracy involving the major and nine other townspeople, and the trio investigating the crime can't trust that anyone is clean or dirty...

The whole plot and style of writing pretty much hooked me from the start.  Reacher, although a loner, is very human and works well as a main character.  His love interest, Roscoe, adds a certain tension to the book as you're not sure whether things will work out or if some twist is going to take you off in a direction you don't expect.  Once they figure out what's really going on, the story becomes even more interesting as you see how it could all fit together...

Very, *very* good first novel from Child, and I can't wait to work through the other Reacher novels.  Good thing I have a vacation coming up soon.  :)


Gravatar Image1 - This series is one of my favorites. I love the dry humor and pugalistic wit that Reacher has.


Gravatar Image2 - When I asked the question the other day (i.e. if you had started on Reacher yet) I must have missed this review. Enjoy.......

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