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Book Review - Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide by Ed Burnette

Category Book Reviews

Short, sweet, and to the point...  Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide by Ed Burnette.  

Contents:  Introduction; Workbench 101; Java Done Quick; Debugging; Unit Testing with JUnit; Tips and Tricks; Views; Short Takes; Help and Community; Commands; Index

Given that this book is only 117 pages, I really wondered how useful it might be.  Maybe a list of things for Eclipse veterans that they could find quickly.  Since most O'Reilly pocket guides seem to assume some level of knowledge to begin with, I thought that the target audience for this might be somewhat limited.


I'm actually surprised that this book could be used by someone who has never seen Eclipse, and there's a pretty good chance that they could get up and running with it in short order.  That's not to say that a larger, more tutorial-style book wouldn't also be helpful, or that they will get everything they need in this pocket guide.  But there are plenty of techno-geeks out there who just want the basic facts presented in quick fashion to get them started, and then they'll take it from there.  And this book definitely delivers on that.  Granted, I use Eclipse and have read a number of other books on the topic, but I could have used this one my first time out.  You could almost think of it as 117 pages of bound documentation for Eclipse that prevents you from having to print out something you downloaded from the Eclipse website.  Better yet, it's *readable*!

If you're going to be using Eclipse on a full-time basis in your job or for software development, definitely check into one of the larger books out there to get all the gritty details and minutiae about the software.  But if you've just skimmed the surface in the past or you need to get a quick intro to get up to speed, this is definitely a book that will be worth your while...

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