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Free for downloading... Notes database of all MS Office constants!

Category Software Development

Hi, everyone...  Some time back, John Coolidge created a set of files that listed all the Microsoft Office constants.  These files were really useful, in that you could easily see what the numeric value was of any constant used in a VBA (and for us, LotusScript) application.  With his permission, I put them into a Notes database to make it a little easier to work with.  I had sort of forgotten about these two databases until John Head brought them up during one of his Lotusphere presentations.

So rather than continue to sit on them, I'll post them out there so that you can download them at your leisure...

R5 version of the MS Constants database

ND6 version of the MS Constants database


Gravatar Image1 - Thanks, Tom- that will be immediately useful for me.

BTW, it was really nice to get to talk to you some at Lotusphere.

Tom Nichols

Gravatar Image2 - guys, has anyone tried to programmatically generate a pivot table?

Gravatar Image3 - That would be my Office Integration Jumpstart Tom :)

Gravatar Image4 - You may be interested in the following code which automatically generates script libraries for MS constants (or any application constants for that matter):


Just be careful with the missing backslashes in the declared constant


I tried to get the editors of searchdomino to change it but they have some issues with trying to escape backslashes on their site. The line should read:

Const MSO_OLB_PATH = "C\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\" 'Wherever
your MS Office has been installed

Gravatar Image5 - Correction:

Const MSO_OLB_PATH = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\" 'Wherever
your MS Office has been installed

Gravatar Image6 - Thank you soooo much, this makes my life soooo much easier.

Gravatar Image7 - Extract of all the different Microsoft Office constant values is a hard work . Thanks!

Gravatar Image8 - Thx a gazillion.
When interacting with Office documents we usually try, just to get a handle on a Office macro and start that one. Clear separation of concerns. Using the custom properties to store/retrieve Notes fields gives a clear cut interface

Gravatar Image9 - That was supposed to be "LotusPHERE" presentation... I'll fix it tonight.

Gravatar Image10 - Emoticon
[url={ Link } certification[/url]

Gravatar Image11 - Nice One;

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