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PIG DETECTOR ALERT! Mayflower/Inside Domino/Domino Files

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My favorite resident of the software company ethics hall of shame is at it again.  For the full story, head on over to Brian Benz' blog at Software Soapbox to check out the latest marketing missteps of DominoFiles (aka Inside Domino, aka Mayflower Software).

Basically, DominoFiles sends out a email (it appears to be spam, but I didn't get it and maybe Brian did sign up) touting their email marketing program called an email "blast".  It's supposed to generate all these leads that make people flock to your site and buy or download your product.  For one, that sounds incredibly like spamming, but I won't get into whether their list of Notes professionals are opt-in or not.  I didn't get the email, so I can't say.  

Now, it would have been nice had they bothered to spellcheck their ad copy.  How seriously do you take an offer to


"PRODCUT MESSAGE"...  sounds painful...

Ah, but wait...  this isn't the "best" part...  They have actual "testimonials" on how effective this program is...  One of the glowing reviews:

"I Love DominoFiles!
Our server downloads increased to 25 times our normal daily rate (from 4 downloads per day to 100 so far today), and we haven't even gone a whole day since you sent our blast. Thanks!!!"

Frank Paolino, MayFlower Software

If you've been following this saga, you'll know that MayFlower Software is the company that runs Inside Domino and DominoFiles.  Of course, that's the *only* way you'll know that, because they seem to go to great lengths to hide that fact.  As a result, Inside Domino does such wonderful stuff like give Best Of Lotusphere awards to SpamSentinel software, a product which is produced by, you guessed it, MayFlower Software.  This is also the group that lifted an article by Bruce Elgort directly from his OpenNTF site and used it on their Inside Domino site as content.  

It just blows me away that MayFlower continues to pull these stunts.  I don't think I've ever seen a small company like this be totally oblivious to the opinion and reaction of decision makers and influencers when it comes to their behavior and ethics.

Thanks for flagging this one, Brian...


Gravatar Image1 - I've recently stopped reading this e-mail as over the past year it has become just another piece of spam. What once contained some useful information is now just product marketing stuff. So, now SpamAssasin and Thunderbird recognize it as spam and I no longer attempt to train them that it's not.


Gravatar Image2 - Let's hope we don't see this pig at Lotusphere. MAYFLOWER SOFTWARE IS AN EVIL COMPANY.

Gravatar Image3 - Hey, no prob. As for if I signed up to receive that email, it's unlikely. But spam is probably the least of the problems here.....

Gravatar Image4 - Emoticon Emoticon

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