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Whoo-hoo! Duffbert has a penguin now!

Category Linux

Meet the newest addition to the computing basement....  Fedora Core 2 and Tux!

A picture named M2

I got enough of the desk cleared off to set up the spare machine, and I downloaded the four ISO images of the Fedora Core 2 system.  Other than it taking a long time to set up, it went without a hitch.  Now, there's only a 10 GB hard drive in there, and I just told it to load everything (desktop, server, the whole works).  So I think I have a whopping 2 GB free now.  :-)

My next task is to find a cheap 20 GB (or so) hard drive to put in there so that I have some space to do things with.  I'll then start working through a couple of O'Reilly books and figure out what I can really do with it.

I must admit it's rather cool to have two boxes on my desk...  One that is totally Microsoft for the core functions, and one that doesn't have a single shred of Microsoft on it.


Gravatar Image1 - I am not going to touch that one

Gravatar Image2 - I see that you needed to rush home after lunch to do techie stuff on a beautiful day in Portland . Nerd.

Gravatar Image3 - Actually, Tux got loaded Saturday night... I had bills to pay and a nap to take Sunday afternoon.

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