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Book Review - Plan Of Attack by Dale Brown

Category Book Reviews

I think this will catch me up on my book reviews over the last week...  :-)

For some recreational reading, I picked up Dale Brown's Plan Of Attack.  This is one of those military war thrillers involving the use of hi-tech weaponry to defeat the enemy.  Overall, a pretty good read.

In the latest episode of Patrick McLanahan's adventures, he's been demoted a rank for once again skirting a direct order given to him for defending a certain area by having and using some offensive weapons when they are attacked.  He ends up tucked away at a desk top with strict orders to mind his own business and just do his job.  But he ends up getting intel that points to Russia preparations to launch a full-scale nuclear attack on the US.  His direct superiors won' t listen to what appears to be an outlandish conclusion, so he goes over their heads and ends up facing a court martial.  But of course, he's right and the attack takes place.  His small group of hi-tech commandos are one of the few resources left to counter-attack, and he has to once again disobey some orders in order to make his plan happen.

Since this book uses characters that have appeared in other Dale Brown novels, there is not a lot of background character development.  If you haven't read the previous novels, you might be a little lost as to why McLanahan is viewed in such a negative light.  The story moves along at a decent pace, and the different weaponry is interesting to think about.  While I didn't see it as a "can't put it down" book, I did enjoy the read.

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