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Book Review - Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly

Category Book Reviews

I recently finished Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly.  This is one of those techno-thrillers that you will either love for the constant action or hate because it's so implausible.  I tend towards the constant action guilty pleasure end of the spectrum...  :-)

Shane Schofield, a Marine with the code name Scarecrow, is leading a mission to Siberia to attack some rebels who are holding the world hostage with a threat to fire off nuclear missiles.  But when he gets there, he finds that he is the quarry of a number of bounty hunters who are after him and want his head to claim the $18 million reward.  And he's just one of 15 people on this worldwide list of targets.  He has to figure out who's on the list, why they are on the list, who's sponsoring the hunt, and stop the resulting terror that's about to be unleashed by these people if they are not stopped.  And by the way, he needs to stay alive himself.

Reilly purposely writes a novel that is designed to be constant cliffhanger action.  The scenarios are usually made up of insurmountable odds, which he then beats.  The escapes are improbable and spectacular, and if you're of the "hate it" camp, you'll quickly tire of the leaps of believability that you'll have to make to stay with the story.  But if you suspend belief and read it for what it is, an action-filled "Indiana Jones" type adventure, it's a lot of fun.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this to everyone, but if you just want an escape, it's great fun.


Gravatar Image1 - Scarecrow could kick Jack Bauer's ass!

PS: this book and the two pre-quels are fantastic ... (Ice Station and Area 7)

Gravatar Image2 - hehe SCARECROW is xcelent


I have read a lot of bad reviwes but all of the people who don't like this book must have a very bad imagination!!!! Excellent book with lots and lots of unstopable action!! Recommened by me

Gravatar Image3 - Scarecrow is the best....if u dont like him then........too bad matthew reilly writes unadulterated action sagas n they should be taken as such......not as great literature but an amazing roller coaster ride through incredible odds n edge of the seat excitement.....this book is awesome......a must read for high octane pleasures...

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