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Living with a type 1 diabetic...

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Ian's been diabetic since he was 8, and he's nearly 18 now.  He graduated from high school this week, and we gave him a trip to Disneyland with two of his friends.  It's tough to let him go, as what happens if he goes low or has an episode?

We know the answer now.  It's been quite an evening...

He took a nap, which is something he shouldn't do as it messes up his blood sugars.  His friends noticed he was not quite coherent, and tried to get some glucose gel down him.  No go.  They had to draw and deliver a glucogon shot to his leg.  He's back up and alert now, and they don't want me to make a rush flight down there to watch them.

Calls to the doctor, the hotel, the pharmacy, the cab company, and the kids...  It's hard enough watching (and letting) your kids grow up.  Lessons like this are even harder.  I think I'll feel much better once he's back Friday night.

If you happen to remember, say a prayer for his safety.  


Gravatar Image1 - Just be very thankful that his friends know the signs and what to do to help him! Hang in there, he'll be home soon.
I'm glad he's ok.

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