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I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about SpamSentinel, Mayflower Software, and InsideDomino...

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No, I haven't changed my views related to their unethical behavior and underhanded journalism...

I'm just amazed that they still have Elgort's article on the front page, even with the negative feedback on the article and a few blog entries.

So, they either don't care about their ethics (that's bad), they don't read their feedback (that's bad), they don't feel they are in the wrong (that's bad), or they are that desperate for content that they'll risk bad press and potential legal action to get it (that's bad).

If anyone *ever* thinks I'm behaving in that type of manner or am pushing the envelope of what's ethical, *PLEASE* hold me accountable!


Gravatar Image1 - I don't know. You reprint a lot of those Lotus Technotes...

Nah, I'm just kidding.

Gravatar Image2 - It's your blog. Say whatever you want to. I have moved on and have advised my friends and coworkers to avoid Mayflower Software like the plague. I have tried on numerious attempts to contact with no results. They are scum and I have heard from many a Lotus Business Partner that I am not the only one thinks so. Let's move on.

Let's hear about more Rich Text Stuff Ben!

Gravatar Image3 - True... but I *always* say "from the KnowledgeBase". And I don't make it look as if they wrote the article specifically for my blog.

To be truthful, I *have* wondered about that at times, though.

Also, to be completely open about my book reviews (although I think I've mentioned this before)... The publishers send me the books at my request (and sometimes without me asking) at no cost, and they expect a review in return. The review is to be posted on Amazon. Fortunately I have yet to run into a real stinker of a book in the tech area. I've done a few 3 stars with the rest being 4 or 5. People could make the case I'm being "bought off" with the free book. But I know that the publishers are open to my negative reviews so long as there are reasons. Just saying "this book is awful" wouldn't be acceptable in my view. I also keep in mind the target audience of the book. While I might find a book like Designing Cool Web Sites covers a lot of stuff I already know, I wouldn't blame the author for that. The book is for a different audience, and it meets the needs of that group well.

If I had to review *every* book that came out from a publisher, I'm sure I'd run into more books I didn't like. Being I can pick and choose my subjects, the odds are in my favor that I'm getting the best of the bunch.

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