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Bah! I *scoff* at your 1 GB email accounts!

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I woke up this morning and went to check my Yahoo mail account.  I paid for a 50 MB account a few months back, since I use that as my primary email account.  I wondered how the GMail situation would affect that.  Now I know.

There was a notice in my mail file this morning telling me I had...  *TWO* GB of mail storage now!



Gravatar Image1 - What can I say, Bas? Those "pictures" take up a lot of space.

Gravatar Image2 - Now you can keep so much more SPAM in your inbox at one time. Imagine the catalog of worthless email you could search.

Gravatar Image3 - So how come my emails to you keep bouncing due to "Mail box full"?

Gravatar Image4 - I would be willing to pay twice what I am paying now for my gmail account to get 2GB.

Gravatar Image5 - No matter how much storage you have, it never enough. Oh, it may be, for a week or two...


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