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Well... *That* was a productive weekend, in a geeky sort of way...

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While some might consider it just another sign that Tom needs a life, I considered it pretty productive...

First off, I fixed the BlogSphere template to stop the horrendous load times you all had to put up with.  I'm still surprised it was nothing more than a view indexing setting.  It should have been obvious to me, but then again, all things are easy once you know the answer.  That single event would have been more than enough to call it a great weekend...  Boy, I'm *such* a geek...

Next off, I finished a tech review for a book that Addison-Wesley is working on.  This was a significant step in my book review "career", in that they contacted me asking if I would be interested in critiquing the working draft.  And they paid me...  :-)  I always wondered if something like this would end up happening somewhere down the line.  I'll be interested to see how my input is viewed and/or incorporated.

I also bought a new computer this weekend.  I want to start working with Linux, but I don't have an extra box around the house (and I don't want to dual-boot my laptop).  Cam had a machine that would be fine, but of course that's *his* computer.  I found a refurbished eMachines computer at Frye's for $400.  80 GB hard drive, 512 DDR memory, CD-RW, DVD, blah, de blah, de blah.  I gave Cam that one and I'll get his machine.  Everyone's happy.  Hopefully next week I'll start working with Fedora.

And later this week (Thursday/Friday/Saturday), I'll be part of the Penton editorial conference in Colorado (the group that puts out e-Pro).  I'm looking forward to meeting with my counterparts as well as meeting some of the other people who influence my writings.  Little did I think when I first had an article published online in 2002, I'd end up with my own newsletter with e-Pro.  Perhaps I'll write a book sometime and call it "The Accidental Writer".  :-)


Gravatar Image1 - Yeah! I never really wanted to mention how slow it loaded before, but it was sloooowww.

It does appear to be much better.


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