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Whoo-hoo! No more complaints about blog load speeds, people!

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OK...  I really *should* be doing a tech review on a book that Addison-Wesley asked me to do.  But this blog loading speed was still bugging me.  

I took the subform that contained the daily stories view and removed the embedded view.  The load times were *much* improved.  I then focused on what was causing the load times to be bad for that view.  I removed a view selection formula item that included a @TextToTime("Today") part, so I can't "pre-date" published items any more (like I ever did anyway).  But the big winner was the indexing settings.  That view was set to index "at most, every six hours".  Not good.  To compound the error, the view indexing was set to discard *AFTER EACH USE*!  So, every time you called up my blog, you were reindexing that view.  No *wonder* the load times sucked.  

On my laptop, I went from spiking the CPU at 90% for each page hit to a mere 25%.  I think that setting was the "magic bullet".

And I'm sorry about all the bad things I said about your hosting server, Chris...  :-)


Gravatar Image1 - It was funny how Tom was always the only one complaining about the speed on that server, LOL. But I played along just the same

Gravatar Image2 - I wondered if you still walked the face of the earth, Declan... Welcome back!

Gravatar Image3 - It's so nice to have that behind me. I added the Google and Referrer blocks back in, and it slowed down somewhat again. I checked those views, and sure enough, they had the same index settings. I fixed those, reindexed everything, and we're still talking only 2 to 3 seconds load time.

Gravatar Image4 - As the Open Notes Picture Database is based on the Blogsphere template, I was hit by the view issue too. I checked my template and fixed all views. Thanks for posting this information.


Gravatar Image5 - I really should get my finger out and start working on the template again. This job of mine seems to be taking up all my time and energy. Hopefully soon I'll find some time and energy...

Gravatar Image6 - Post a link to this on the Blogsphere discussion area on OpenNTF

Gravatar Image7 - Yo, Duffbert! You may need to apply a similar solution to the views used in your RSS feeds. Your site and comments feeds time out in FeedDemon all the time. I have to actually load a browser to read your site -

Gravatar Image8 - bla bla blaasdfasdfa
dette er en test
ja det er!

Gravatar Image9 - Much better! Good work.

Gravatar Image10 - Yes, Chris... I was *wrong*. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You were right, and I was WRONG!

Gravatar Image11 - I'll check into that, Rob... I don't have a problem with the Awazu reader, and no one else has ever mentioned that. I also did set all the views to the same auto-index/do not discard setting, so it may be something else...

Gravatar Image12 - Woo hoo! Significatnyl faster for sure.

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