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What are we coming to as a society?

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I'm sitting here writing some content for the e-ProWire newsletters, watching game 3 of the NBA playoffs.  ABC is advertising two new series to debut soon.  One is called WifeSwap.  The other shows a woman crossing off items on her to-do list, and the last is "cheat on husband".  The series is called Desperate Housewives.

I don't know if these are dramas, comedies, or reality series.  All I *do* know is that this is just plain wrong.


Gravatar Image1 - You had fun writing that, didn't you, Jerry?

Gravatar Image2 - Yup.

Gravatar Image3 - Series? you mean like a playoff series? What to house wives have to do with that?? I'm confused. Also, you mentioned 'watching' ABC... I hope you don't mean staring at the radio. That can be kind of boring, unless you have one of thos nice illuminated Victrolas...

The only things I understood were 'writing', 'magazine', and 'playoffs'. The rest of it makes me think you're living in some european country - I hear they do that 'swapping' thing you mentioned.... Next thing you know you'll be telling me we're sending men to the moon. Golly. You sure have an imagination, Mr. Duff.

Oh wait, you're talking about television. Yeah, I've seen one of them... I don't think it will ever catch on. Who'd wan't to sit around watching other people do stuff for hours at a time? Where's the fun in that? Now... writting for a magazine about a playoff series you're watching (come off it, you were at the game, right?)... that's having fun.

Gravatar Image4 - Okay, considering a couple of the links on your list of blogs, I have to say that I'm terribly amused.

"The other shows a woman crossing off items on her to-do list, and the last is "cheat on husband". "

To paraphrase Inspector Renault, "I'm shocked." What is the world coming to, indeed.

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