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Book Review - Red Rain by Michael Crow

Category Book Reviews

I recently decided to read a paperback I've had kicking around for awhile...  Red Rain by Michael Crow.  This is a crime thriller with a very gritty edge to it.  Good in some ways, not so hot in others...

The basic plot is this...  Luther Ewing, a cop, ends up running across a Russian mobster who he apparently fought next to in some war action.  The Russian is pushing drugs into his area, and Ewing decides to run undercover to get close to him and shut down the ring.  The problem is that he has to do this outside the bounds of normal law enforcement to protect a number of cops from getting killed by the ex-Spetnaz employed by the Russian.  Plenty of people in the drug world and law enforcement circles start getting assasinated, and Ewing has to kill or be killed.  There are a few side stories too, but I'll leave it at that.

Now, the book is written in a first person style.  The main character is half-Vietnamese, half-black, and takes medication to control brain damage from a bullet wound he suffered.  He's a trained killer, so his emotional side is less than touchy-feely.  There's a darkness and edge to the writing that matches the character and makes it a compelling read.  What I don't like is that much of the background of the different characters is only alluded to during the story.  If this were a second or third novel with the main character, I could understand it.  But this is the first one, and I would have expected a bit more character development along the way.  I wasn't always sure where the story was going or why certain things were happening.  

So...  Stylistically, it's an interesting read.  From just a pure story viewpoint, it was average.


Gravatar Image1 - THis book was great. I have read it 5 time in the last month.

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