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IE disaster recovery...

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A colleague sent an email out with a tip on recovering from some malware that nailed his browser...  I'll pass this along in case it can help anyone else...  Thanks, Bas!


Some piece of malware changed my home page on IE to their particular page which locked up IE beyond redemption.  Restarting IE would try to open their page and bingo! that's all she wrote.

Knowing that Tools/Internet options has a button to set the current page as the home page or a blank page, the task became how to get there from here.

Drawing on the good ole DOS days I thought "what the hey!"  In a command prompt window I CD'd to the IE directory and tried the following: "IEXPLORE http://www.basex.com" and whaddaya know.... it opened the home page.  Then it was a simple matter to get rid of the offending lockup URL.

If it ever happens to you..... now you know


Gravatar Image1 - Along with offering protection from a lot of downloadable nastiness, utilities like Spybot Search & Destroy (http://www.spybot.info/) usually let you lock out access to the Internet Options from within IE. They remain at your disposal through the control panel or a desktop/taskbar shortcut, but nothing runninf in the browser can change any of your settings. More than worthwhile.

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